According to the economic expansion and social reformed together with the decrease of the skilled workforce in the labour market, Thailand is the most affected country in ASEAN community from labour shortage, it’s become our obstacle especially in the manufacturer sector that intensively needed workforce so we have to substituted this shortage by the migrant workers from neighboring countries which precarious to violate the human rights and labour enforcements as well as the concern from the international.

The US State Department downgraded Thailand to the Tier 2 – Watch List in the Trafficking in Persons Report for 4 consecutive years which mean Thailand is highly concern on the trafficking issue and it affected to the international trades, economics and investment. The frozen and processed food industry associations need to clarify about supply chain of each product and proved that child labour or people trafficking is not happened.

Our company sees the importance of human rights and labour treats of the country in a whole. We, therefore, stated the social and labour responsibility policy to justly prevent and protect our workforce in every business transaction and throughout the supply chain, for example, employment of migrant workers through memorandums of understanding (MOU) which Thailand signed with associate members to equally treat the migrant workers to Thai workers whether it be wages, over time payment, skilled payment, medical payment and the supply chains visited and inspection to strictly implement human rights accordingly under the international labour management system standard.

SIF not only emphasis on upgrading the labour living quality, as the processed food manufacturer, we realized about the sustainability of the sea, we opposed to the illegal fishery by purchased only the raw material from the reliable sources. Only the raw material from authorized suppliers can get into the production process to serve the global market.

SIF regards environmental concerns as very important. Thus, since 2012,
the company has implemented an Environmental Management System to comply
with ISO14001.


Wastewater Treatment

SIF installed its Anaerobic Pond system to effectively treat wastewater
from food processing. Additionally, our facultative ponds are designed to render
all wastewater environmentally safe to drain and mingle with its source. The system also reduces the use of electricity by producing biogas, which can be used as an alternative source of energy for the boiler. Environmental control technicians test treated water against the national industry standards.

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