February 2017

January 2017

SIF Event children’s day 2017

On  13 January 2017

In “Children’s Day for the year 2560”  Koh-Teaw municipal district. Children’s Day activities at Bandan school, Koh-Teaw,Songkhla. To instill and inspire children and youth to grow into a major force in the future of the nation.  SIF has engaged in such work “booth handing out Tuna sandwiches” to children, youth, parents and all those attending.

July 2016

June 2016

Project relation Ramadon 2016

On  6  june 2016

Siam international food Co., Ltd. Alwayss supports food. Beverages during ramadon kareem  to the near by the factory  by giving such as palm fruit and soft drink to the mosques within the area and mosques around . the habitat of our staffs include khok phae mosque,Puk mosque, bo it mosque, pakbang natub mosque, baanpak mosque,krong kha mosque baanpakjrot mosque kohteaw mosque and kohwa mosque

May 2016

Carrying sand to temple Project.

On 2nd May 2016 

Siam International food Company limited arranged the carrying sand to temple project at Khao Ram Temple,Thung Wang Sub-District,Muang District,Songkhla Province by carried the bricks,rocks,sand,water and equipment from the piedmont to the hilltop since there is no road for the car access at the construction site. The total distance is about 2 kilometers with the 30- 60 degree steeped.

November 2015

Kathin Ceremony Host.

On 22 November 2015

Siam international food Co., Ltd. Hosted the ceremoiny at narean temple, natab sub-district,Chana district ,Songkhla

October 2015

Academy Development Project (Bann Non School,Talingchan Sub-District, Jana District, Songkhla Province)

On 11th October 2015

Siam International Food Company Limited arranged the “Pass The Love Forward:Academy Development Section”project at Bann Non School,Talingchan Sub-District,Jana District,Songkhla Province to assist and support the skills learning for the youth.There were several activities set such as scholarships ceremony,wall painting,computer maintenance,planted the trees,toilet tiled,organized the library and sport game to tighten the fellowship with local community around the school area.

April 2014

Mangrove Reforestation and Aquatic Animals Releasing Project.

On 27th April 2014

Siam International Food Company Limited in cooperation with Songkhla Provincial Administrative Organization, Natub Subdistrict Municipality and Songkhla United Football Club held the “Pass The Love Forward” project at Bann Na Samian, Moo 7, Natub Sub-district, Jana District, Songkhla Province to promoted the natural resources and environmental conservation in the area by planted over 1,000 of mangrove trees and released over 1,400,000 of shrimps.

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